UVMask Lite™: Shipping in 2 Weeks (Pre-Order Open for 72 Hours Only)

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UVMask Lite is the next-generation reusable anti-pathogen & anti-pollution face mask, packed with two powerful FFP2/N95 filters to provide you with complete daily protection. Pre-orders start on the 15th December 2020. There will be a limited quantity available for free US/CA shipping and the deadline is Friday the 18th. SIZING GUIDE: Pre-order yours now! (Note: Only orders with at least 1 UVMask Lite qualify for early shipping. You will need to provide your shipping and payment details during the check-out process) 💡Note: You will be able to choose color and size AFTER payment💳 👇 Scroll down to order 👇

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Final Stretch Surprise! 🕘 More FREE Filters for ALL if We Hit $3M! 🛡 3 New Add-Ons 🔥
almost 4 years ago – Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 12:11:39 AM

Dear Backers 👋,    

With less than 12 hours to go until the Kickstarter campaign ends, we are simply blown away by everyone's support! We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for each and every one of you. 

We wanted to thank you once more for being here, sticking with us, and for making UVMask a reality together. To celebrate our tremendous success, we have a special SURPRISE 🎉🎉🎉

Now Even More FREE Filters if We Hit $3M!😱

As an appreciation, We decided to honor the Surprise Stretch Goal which was originally planned for $3.5M, and increase the number of free filters the different Reward Tiers will get if we hit $3M in the next <12 hours! EVERY reward will be upgraded to the new filter count if we hit the next big milestone! 

We are less than $140K away from $3M, and we have more than 14,000 backers. So that's about $10 additional contribution for everyone to hit that goal. Let's make history. We can do it! 💪💪💪

 Check out the MASSIVE upgrades 😍👇 

*Please note that this offer is not valid for backers who made a "Pledge without a reward".

*Upgrades only applicable when $3M goal is hit

Here's How to Upgrade to Higher Reward Tiers

Prices are going up soon for all rewards once the Kickstarter ends, so now is the best time to upgrade to the next reward tier and get even bigger discounts!  

🔥 3 NEW HOT Add-Ons 🔥 

100x FFP3/N99 Filters for $130 (Normally $160)

Get 10 extra easy-replacement CE-FFP3 filters — the European equivalent of N99 — offering up to 99% protection from particles as small as 0.1 microns! With even higher filtration rate on both inhale and exhale, ensure better protection to yourself and your loved ones.

100x FFP2/N95 Filters for $100 (Normally $120)

Get 100 extra easy-replacement CE-FFP2 filters, — the European equivalent of N95 — offering up to 95% protection from particles as small as 0.3 microns.

+1 Year Extended Warranty for UVMask or UVMask Lite

Extend with an additional year when the standard 1-year warranty for your UVMask expires. The extended warranty includes the replacement in case of all damages due to defects, quality issues, and technical failure (free replacement or repair), giving you and your loved ones extra safety and peace of mind! 🛡❤️

Add-ons Recap ☑️


Get an additional UVMask by adding $89 for each mask. A shipping charge of $10 will be added to the post-campaign BackerKit survey.

UVMask Lite

Perfect for low-risk situations, security checks (yes it will pass the airport body scanner), and wide-open spaces with more social distances. Super light and electronics-free.

 🎨 6 Front Shell Color Options

 📦 Hard Carrying Case

See the case gallery here. The hard carrying case securely stores your mask while not in use. Keeping it clean and safe. Add $15 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional carrying case.

🤯 FFP3/N99 Replacement Filter

😊 FFP2/N95 Replacement Filter

 🤩 Premium Velcro Straps for Additional Comfort 

 🌟 Standard Silicone Straps (O-Ring or Earloop)

You can choose between O-Ring and Earloop design on Backerkit for the same price of $10

🤔How do I upgrade my pledge with add-ons?

First, estimate your new total amount.

You can do it manually and skip this step. We also created a handy calculator (with updated numbers for the bundles) to help you with that (please double-check the final amount separately too):

Second, follow the instructions:

Desktop/Laptop Version

Mobile App Version:


New SGS Lab Report 📖

For those who missed it, as promised, we just received a new report on UVMask Sterile-Vortex Efficacy by ISO 17025 accredited SGS Labs . The test was carried out against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Access the full report here

Prototype Demo 👩‍🔬

We've also been working on improved prototypes with the forced-air fan, and if you missed the comments section, here's a link to a short YouTube video demonstration. 

We'll follow up shortly with the next steps after the campaign and our post-funding survey in BackerKit.

HUGE thanks again to all backers by the entire UVMask team!


New Velcro Pro Straps for All-Day Comfort 🤩, Forced-Air Fan🚀 New SGS Test Report on UV Safety ⚗️ ERP Panelists🕵
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 06:03:17 PM

Hey, UV Mask Backers! 👋

We want to thank you all for believing in UVMask since day one. With your enthusiasm, support, feedback, and encouragement, you have made this project remarkable for many people around the globe.

The amount of support has been overwhelming, and we loved every second of it! Today we are very happy to share with you a few great improvements we’ve made to UVMask. That's right; UVMask is now even better! This was only possible with the feedback and support from you, our own backer community!

So, thank you!

In our previous Update we already introduced several massive upgrades for UVMask:

✔️ 8-hour battery life

✔️ 2 battery LED indicators

✔️ 2 sizes (Type X and Type S)

✔️ New mask color option - Titanium grey

Today we want to continue sharing great news with you. From the product design stage to the official launch on Kickstarter, we always improved UVMask. Today we are stoked to share the recent upgrades with you.

🤩 Stretch Goal #4 Unlocked — New Add-On Velcro Straps ($15) for All-Day Comfort

We just crossed the $2.5M milestone!

Do you know what that means? A new Stretch Goal. We are sooo excited to share this one with you too..

In addition to the standard silicone straps, we have promised a better strap add-on design for all-day wearing. Now here it is!

The new add-on straps use two secure adjustment/locking mechanisms simultaneously: a built-in double-hole adjuster and velcro attachments for accurate and comfortable adjustments to the mask.

The far side of the headband also comes with soft and sweat-resistant PU leather to ensure extra comfort and stability, especially when wearing the mask for longer hours or while moving.

How to get the new Velcro Straps?

See this step-by-step guide for desktop/laptop or just follow the steps on desktop/laptop (not mobile):

1. Open the campaign page

2. Hit on “Manage your pledge”

3. Then select "Change your pledge"

4. Manually type the corresponding amount of the add-on to the total of “Your current pledge”.

5. Hit the “Confirm” button to proceed

Example: if your current pledge is $99 for 1 UVMask and you want 1x additional Velcro Strap, manually add $15 to your current $99 pledge, for a total of $114.

🚀Forced-Air Fan

Moving forward we are happy to introduce another improvement to UVMask. Taking much great feedback from our backer community, we have made UVMask even better!

With two highly-safe and higher capacity Lithium-Polymer (103450) 1,800mAh (upgraded from the original 1,200mAh) batteries, not only were we able to extend the battery life from 6 hours to 8 hours as announced in the previous Update, we were also able to add a 12,000RPM super quiet convection fan to greatly improve breathability.

The newly added forced air system creates constant positive air pressure and provides a superior breathing experience. Thanks to its constant airflow, the new UVMak will offer the following benefits:

✔️ Improved airflow volume per minute

✔️ Thanks to positive air pressure it improves safety, creating a better air seal around the edges of the mask and ensuring no air leakage in

✔️ With constant airflow CO2 (carbon dioxide) is not accumulated inside the mask

✔️ A high concentration of oxygen improves breathing and makes it easier

✔️ Reduces moisture build-up, keeping air and skin dry and decreasing heat and sweat

⚗️ UV Light Leak-Proof Seal SGS Test Result

We are excited to share some more good news with you! SGS tested and confirmed UVMask UV-C light sealed design to be completely safe and free from UV exposure according to UL1598 CRD (dated 29.06.2020) Additional Requirements For Germicidal Equipment; and IEC 62471, Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems (1st edition, dated 2006-07).

To put it in simpler terms, UVMask's fully light sealed design guarantees UV light will not leak out from the Sterile-Vortex, hence ensuring safety for you.

You can view the whole report through the following link.

🕵 ERP Panelists

🥁🥁🥁Drum rolling….

Since we announced the call for experts, the responses have been overwhelming! We have had 563 responses in total! It is both motivating and challenging to see so many bright minds from various industries in UVMask's multicultural community.

Here are some stats from the applications we think you might be interested in:

We have such a strong and experienced expert community. The UM Systems team is excited to welcome you onboard. We are confident that working closely with our professional community we will bring great and positive changes to the world!

We have received super strong applications and had a hard time deciding upon the ERP panelists. We do want to keep the Expert Panel relatively small at the size of 15 people, a good size for effective online and offline group discussions and collaborations. 

For those who aren't part of the panelists at this time, don't worry, you will still be part of our Beta-testing and Survey Group. 🥳 

In the coming weeks, we will be holding Zoom meetings with the ERP. While 'Beta-testing and Survey Group' will be closely informed and will have exclusive access to future product development updates, beta-testing opportunities as well as closed-group polling and opinion surveys.

We will also reach out individually to members from both groups based on your specialty and experience, to pick your brain. 😉

Your support and help mean everything to us.

So last but not least, here are the 15 honorable panelists we have selected after careful considerations:

Marguerite Barnett, M.D. Ex-Surgeon of US Armed Forces

Gregory Schmeling, Vice Chairman of Education at Medical College

Orrin Fackler, Ph.D. and MIT Physicist 

Mark Clanton, MD, MPH, Former National Institute of Health Executive

Douglas Kiang, Teacher / Trainer /Author

Scott Welker, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Gregory Buford, Plastic Surgeon / Author / Speaker / Consultant

Eric Fallabel, Former Senior Flight Test Engineer at Boeing

Justin Lin, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, CFMT, Manual Physical Therapist and Author

Johnny Yuen, AR/VR Specialist, Senior Robotics Engineer at Magic Leap

Mike Urano, Project Manager at NASA

Kelli Dancho, Film/Television Producer

Chris Zittle, WQCP Grade 2 Operator

Diane Booth, Co-Founder/Environment/PPE Specialist

Jennifer Tung, Professional Singer, Pianist and Conductor

So excited to have you all on the panel! Can't wait to e-meet you all. 👏👏👏

🎙️ Sound Test Video

Worried your voice won’t be heard or hard to talk while wearing UVMask? UVMask was designed to provide the best natural communication experience. We have put together a short video to show you how it feels and sounds like while wearing the UVMask. 😊

🤗Spread the word!

Share our UVMask Kickstarter Campaign page on your Social media channels and let your dear ones enjoy their last chance to order UVMask at 65% off.


UVMask Team


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Our friends at Orbitkey have designed a clever desk mat with built-in organisational features to help you optimize your desk space and stay productive throughout the day. Perfect when working from home.

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Smart Belt Ultimate

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🔋8-Hour Battery Life, Announcing 2 Sizes 😷and 3rd Color Unveiled 🎁
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Aug 05, 2020 at 01:37:23 AM

Ahoy, all! 🌟

Thank you so much for believing in UVMask. This means a lot to us!😊

Today we've got some excellent news on the refinements that are either complete or in progress, the new color you have unlocked, ERP updates, and media coverage you should check out.

💪 New Improvements

During the past few weeks, amid the current situation worldwide, our R&D team continued working around the clock with our partners from around the world to make sure we deliver an even better UVMask than we initially announced at the start of this campaign!

We are now over 35 days in, and with your ongoing support and motivation, we have already applied several massive upgrades for UVMask. We appreciate your feedback as we continue making UVMask better!

🔋 8-Hour Battery Life!

It's finally here! We promised to update you as soon as we could confirm any battery updates.

Well, we are thrilled to inform you that our R&D team extended the runtime from 6 to 8 hours!

Two highly-safe and higher capacity Li-Polymer (103450) 1,800mAh (upgraded from the original 1,200mAh) Li-Po batteries now allow for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Now you can enjoy breathing safe and fresh for a full 8-hour workday

Remember you can always extend the runtime even further with a power bank or USB cable.

Battery Indicators

Two LED indicators will pulse as you breathe. The blue color indicates the Sterlie Vortex is filtrating the air in real-time.

When the battery has ~30 minutes charge left, the indicators will turn red to suggest the battery needs charging.

The FFP2/N95 filtration will still be active even if the battery is depleted.

😷 Announcing Two Sizes (Type S and Type X)

Although the initial design of UVMask was already created with a universal fit in mind, we took in our backer community’s feedback and took a step further to ensure more comfort and safety of a better fit with two size variations

We call them Type X and Type C.

The core UVMask (hardshell) will still stay the same. The only size variation is the soft silicone face padding (which is also replaceable and can be purchased as an add-on).

To ensure the most efficient filtration, a perfect fit, and better comfort, our R&D team used NIOSH anthropometric data in developing the most optimal silicon sizes for UVMask.

In 2003, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducted a nationwide anthropometric survey of 3,997 subjects

Based on the gathered data, five sizes and shapes of heads were developed to represent the possible variations within the adult population.

UVMask silicone padding will now come in two different sizes — Type X and Type S.

Type X is designed for higher nose bridges and fits large faces — Large, Long/Narrow, and Medium from NIOSH head-forms.

While Type S is designed for lower bridge noses and perfectly fits smaller faces Small and Shorter/Wide head-forms. 

Thanks to the silicone’s flexibility and shape, these 2 shapes will create an airtight seal, regardless of smaller variations from person to person.

Please note children 6 years and older have similar face dimensions as adults with smaller faces/heads shown above. (Note: UVMask is not designed for children younger than 6. Parents may choose UVMask for younger children at their own discretion).   

You will be able to select the silicone padding size as well as purchasing add-on replacements during the post-campaign survey in a service called BackerKit, along with your add-ons and shipment details. 

 🔓 Announcing New Color - Titanium Grey!

We received a huge number of responses since we announced the color choice survey. Today, we are excited to announce the winner —  Titanium Grey!

You can now select it free of charge in the post-campaign survey — along with sizes, add-ons, and shipping details.

You’ll also be able to pick the Titanium Grey as a 3rd color option for the front shell (add $15 to your pledge for any additional front shell):

🕵 Update on Expert Review Panel

Earlier this week, we announced a call for our Expert Review Panel (ERP)

A unique forum that will bring together the core STEM community of UVMask backers to identify key user needs across various industries, gather their requirements, suggest design improvements, and participate in the product review process.

In just a few short days, we received over 350 applications! This is sooo motivating!


We are positive that together we will develop the best in the market product.

If you have not applied yet, hurry up! 

The deadline for submitting applications is tomorrow August 5, 2020. We will go over all the applications once the deadline is closed and announce the ERP members on August 7, 2020.

📰 Hot off the press

Getting your product covered by the media is no easy task. 

Yet, UVMask’s popularity is growing each day! Our CEO has been in providing interviews with journalists from around the globe, who are interested in technology, science, and production

We want to share some of this coverage with you (simply hit the button): 

 “With over $2 million in funding already secured, the UVMask is the kind of Kickstarter that I feel secure in recommending.

“After smashing its initial $20,000 goal, the Kickstarter campaign still has 28 days to go and is quickly becoming one of Colorado’s most-backed projects ever.” 

 "You won’t have problems breathing with this mask. Find it hard to breathe with regular masks? This mask is the solution."

Coming up in the next update:

  • New Strap Design 
  • Added Force-Air Fan 
  • ERP Panelists Lineup Announcement

🤗Help us spread the word!


UVMask Team


P.S. Check out these wonderful campaigns that are helping us reach our stretch goals.

PomaBrush – The Most Powerful Silicone Electric Toothbrush

Premium US Tech meets Italian Design in the coolest minimalist toothbrush. Its soft antimicrobial silicone bristles gently massage and strengthen your gums or enamel. Enjoy a powerful deep clean thanks to PomaBrush’s 15,000 vibrations per minute. Power your confident smile for 4 months on one charge. Built for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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Mopoint: World's Smallest 65W GaN USB-C Charger

1/2 credit card size 65W charger, fast charges 3 devices: laptop, tablet, smartphone (2 x USB-C, 1 x USB-A) at the same time. 

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Cinera Edge, a 5K OLED HMD with Dolby Digital 5.1 Headphone

Cinera Edge -- the world’s first Head Mount Display (HMD) with dual 2.5K micro OLED and Dolby Digital certified 5.1 surround sound headphones.

Get Cinera Edge here

Call for Our Expert Review Panel 🕵 $2M Reached and New Color Unlocked 🔓+ New UV-C Intensity Test Results📈
almost 4 years ago – Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 03:37:51 AM


Your support and encouragement is the driving force for our team. We wish we had the chance to thank you all in person.

During the past week, we were busy working on some improvements and upgrades for your UVMask, which we are sure you will enjoy.

And as we can see, you were busy too, because we just hit $2,000,000 on Kickstarter!    

Today we want to share three wonderful news with you:

  • We are launching an Expert Review Panel
  • You have unlocked Stretch Goal #3 at $2M
  • We want to share a recent UV-C intensity test

 #1 🕵 Welcome to Our Expert Review Panel (ERP) 

UM Team is happy to let you know that we have been dynamically developing new solutions for UVMask — all based on your comments and suggestions. Thank you for that!

And your support led us to launch a new collaboration initiative for UVMask. We are excited to announce a call for our Expert Review Panel (ERP), a unique platform that will bring together the large community of UVMask backers.

What is the UVMask ERP?

You will be the voice of the backer community. And help identify the core user needs across various industries, gather their requirements, suggest design improvements, and participate in the product review process. You will become part of the UVMask expert team!

We are eager to hear your insights!

Who Can Be Part of the UVMask ERP?

If you are an expert from any of the following industries and want to help us enhance UVMask and make it applicable to your industry, we invite you to fill in the short survey and join our team of experts.

  • Industrial Hygiene
  •  Healthcare and Nursing
  •  Public Policy
  •  Education
  •  Engineering

What is the ERP Format?

We have thought about this a lot and have come up with the following solutions:

  1. Bi-weekly Zoom meetings
  2. Online Discussion Groups
  3. Future Meet-Ups

Do Members of the ERP Have Benefits?

We value your contribution and your readiness to help us make UVMask the best mask for any industry. In return for your help, we would like to offer you:

  1. Future beta testing
  2.  Honorable mentions
  3. Extended 3-year warranty on all UM Systems products
  4.  Additional perks
  5. Invitations to future events 
  • First in-line shipping

Let's Make UVMask amazing together.

 #2 😍 $2M funding = 🔓 Stretch Goal #3 Unlocked...VOTE! 

Today you hit the $2M milestone, which means you have unlocked the 3rd Stretch Goal! Congratulations!

Time for New Color (FREE for everyone)— a bright, cheerful, and happy color or maybe something deeper to highlight your unique character.

Fill in the survey to help us decide which will be the next color for UVMask:

 #3 UV-C LED Intensity Demonstration Part II

And last but not least, we would like to share a UV-C Intensity recent test.

We’re sure you know by now that we are dedicated to providing you the best on the market product. Today’s highlight in that direction is the results of a recent UV-C intensity test we conducted.

Previously we have shared UV-C intensity test videos with you, but today we wanted to show how the powerful UV-C LEDs inside the Sterile-Vortex function and that they can maintain a high intensity during a longer period of time.

Mask Sizes 

Later this week we’ll have another update going into details about the mask sizes. Here’s a preview:

  • UVMask will come with different sizes of the silicone housing for the different face types (the mask size itself will be the same) and you’ll be able to select the sizes in our post-campaign survey on BackerKit, together with your shipping address and add-ons!
  • We use the CDC's official anthropometric database to design the optimal and ergonomic fit for the population. See details here:
  • With its ultra-soft FDA-approved medical-grade skin-like silicone face profile, it adapts to different types of nose and face shape. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and an airtight fit.
  • The mask will come in a child-friendly size, suitable for ages 6 and up.

Thanks for tuning in today!

UVMask Team

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Photography Deck is a specially-designed deck of playing cards for camera lovers. The court cards—King, Queen, and Joker—have each been re-designed with a photography twist, while the number cards each act as a miniature “cheat sheet” for concepts ranging from the exposure triangle, to color theory, composition, reading the histogram, setting white balance, and more. 


Instafloss: the 10 Second Floss

If you ever wished there was something that flossed your teeth for you, here it is!

Instafloss is an automatic multi-jet water flosser that is comfortable, fast, and 2x more effective than manual flossing.

The pressure is adjustable so you can customize the floss to your gums and the jets gently yet thoroughly floss for you, 360 degrees around each individual tooth.


Blocc: Stylish face shield made to break your worst habit

Stylish, comfortable, and reusable face shield designed to help you from habitually touching your face. Blocc is durable, fog & scratch-resistant, compatible with glasses & face masks, and can even be used as a wind-deflector for cycling.


$1.5M Raised + Unlocking Two Stretch Goals 🌟 (and a BIG Surprise 🎁)
almost 4 years ago – Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 02:29:55 AM

You guys are amazing! 🌟

Just a few minutes ago with the ongoing support of 8000+ backers, we hit the $1.5M funding milestone! 🏆

To show how grateful we are for the immense support and trust you are sharing, we are happy to unlock the first two stretch goals!

🤩$1M funding = 🔓 Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked

Yes! You can now get an additional 5 stickers as add-ons for your UVMask! Be unique, be creative, be yourself!

UVMask has been designed to meet your daily needs - including mood, look, and emotions.

You’ll be able to select from a variety of stickers in our post-campaign survey in a service called BackerKit (more on this later on in the campaign).

🔥 $1.5M funding = 🔓 Stretch Goal #2 Unlocked...

BUT (drum roll, please!)

Our second stretch goal was supposed to be the free pouch, but…

Throughout the campaign, we have been receiving feedback from our supportive community on the core functionalities of the UVMask. We understand how important it is for you! And we hear you.

Instead of adding accessories, we decided to go even further and enhance UVMask. We put a lot of effort into making UVMask itself a better product!

Extended battery life!

Yes, you have just unlocked extended battery life for all masks! Enjoy breathing fresh and clean air for an even longer period of time.

We are still in the testing process and will share the details on the new battery capacity soon!

We designed UVMask to ensure safety and protection to everyone, and from day one till now, we have been working to advance and excel in the core functionalities of it.

Each new improvement is aimed at providing a higher level of protection for you. Right now the team is working on a few other changes in the functionality of the mask.

Rest assured, we are still focused on sticking to the delivery timeline, as promised. That said, we already started ramping up the workforce and supply chain to ensure production is on time.

Let’s keep unlocking stretch goals? Want to know how you can help towards achieving new stretch goals? 

There are 2 easy ways to spread the word:

  •  Get 10% cashback by using and referring UVMask to your friends or audience - simply share your unique link you’ll receive after you sign-up:
  •  Share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve prepared 2 lazy buttons for you to simply click and see the magic happen (they work better on desktop, not on your phone!)

Enjoy your day!


UVMask Team

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Passport II Pro: The Powerful 61W Adapter for Home & Travel

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Passport II Pro is much more than a travel adapter. With 61W USB-C PD, Passport II Pro can fast-charge most USB-C laptops, which is great even for home use. It can also power 6 devices at the same time, so no need to carry a mess of chargers. When you’re ready to hit the road, you can use Passport II Pro in over 200 countries and regions, and your devices will be protected with our 10A auto-resetting fuse.

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