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UVMask Lite is the next-generation reusable anti-pathogen & anti-pollution face mask, packed with two powerful FFP2/N95 filters to provide you with complete daily protection. Pre-orders start on the 15th December 2020. There will be a limited quantity available for free US/CA shipping and the deadline is Friday the 18th. SIZING GUIDE: Pre-order yours now! (Note: Only orders with at least 1 UVMask Lite qualify for early shipping. You will need to provide your shipping and payment details during the check-out process) 💡Note: You will be able to choose color and size AFTER payment💳 👇 Scroll down to order 👇

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Announcing FIVE Stretch Goals 🌟(and $800,000+ Raised 🎉)
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 07:26:18 PM

Hi everybody! You guys rock! 🤘

We are hitting records one after another and yet we are not even close to the campaign end date! You are incredible!

In celebration of our amazing momentum, our UVMask Team has worked the whole past week to design stretch goals, which I am sure we will reach together!

We are overwhelmed by the support we received during the past two weeks. Based on your feedback, Patrick (our CTO) and the team will ongoingly work on UVMask to make sure the product you receive is simply the best mask out there, period (more on this soon)!

So today we are happy to present 5 (yes, five!) Stretch Goals for UVMask.

🤩 Stretch Goal #1 at $1,000,000 - 5x Sticker Packs Add-On 

The moment we hit $1M, which we are guessing will be early next week, all our backers will be able to buy packs of 5 stickers to personalize their masks!

We want UVMask to be yours and only yours, so every 5 stickers will match your look, mood, and emotions.

There will be a variety to choose from and we’ll send a survey next week to help us decide which ones to offer!

🔥Stretch Goal #2 at $1,500,000 - Free Soft Pouch 

We are excited to offer a small, portable, and easy-to-carry soft pouch for your UVMask.

The pouch keeps your mask clean while not wearing it. Unlock the $1.5M goal & receive a free pouch with every mask.

😍 Stretch Goal #3 at $2,000,000 - New Color for Free 

Colors!!! You asked for them, here they are!

Unlock the $2M stretch goal and get one additional color option to choose from for your UVMask for FREE!

We’ll send out a separate survey for voting on what that color should be!

😱 Stretch Goal #4 at $2,500,000 - Strap Design Add-On 

For the past few days, our design team has been actively working with our R&D and supplier teams.

Once the $2.5M goal is unlocked we will have a brand new Kickstarter Community exclusive new strap design, as an add-on option.

🍀 Stretch Goal #5 at $3,000,000 - 5x Filters FREE 

Many of you have requested additional filters. We couldn’t simply ignore that!

In this time of uncertainty additional filters are essential, so here's the deal, once we unlock the $3M goal every mask ordered will receive an additional 5 filters for FREE!

 🙈 Stretch Goal #6 at $3,500,000 - SECRET SURPRISE 

“What, I thought there were only 5 stretch goals!?”

Yes, that’s right! There is a 6th stretch goal which will simply BLOW you AWAY

We can’t share too many details now, but it will make your UVMask even more AMAZING!

Wondering how you can help towards achieving these stretch goals?

There are 2 easy ways:

  1. Become a referrer by signing up on and referring UVMask to your friends or audience - simply share your unique link you’ll receive after you sign-up (you’ll also get 10% cashback for any friend who joins!) 
  1.  Share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve prepared 2 lazy buttons for you to simply click and see the magic happen (they work better on desktop, not on your phone!)

Have a wonderful day!

UVMask Team

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$350,000 in a Week and Stretch Goals Survey [Cast Your VOTE] 🎉🎉🎉
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 07:34:36 AM


You’ve done it again!

We are only a week in and your support is scaling up to the level of insanity. I am trying to stay calm, honestly, I AM, while writing this…

In just 7 short days, we crossed $350,000 with the help of over 2,000 amazing backers.  🎉 

I have said this previously, and I am going to repeat it. Thank you for your ongoing super support and for making UVMask sooo huge!

Our Community of clean air lovers is growing each day. We have been answering questions, receiving feedback...

Vote on Stretch Goals

And we are working on STRETCH GOALS. Do you have ideas on this matter? We are all ears. 👂

Here are all ideas we came up with so far:

  •  Option 1: One new color option (free for all) 
  •  Option 2: Stickers in packs of 5, below is just a sample, we'll have dozens of designs you can pick from to customize your mask (add-on at an additional cost)  
  •  Option 3: Extra 5 filters to all backers (free for all) 
  •  Option 4: New strap design (add-on at an additional cost) 
  •  Option 5: Soft pouch for all (free for all) 
  •  Option 6: I want all of the above!

Follow the link 👇 and help us pick the stretch goals: 

Meanwhile, join our VIP group for the latest news and keep on sharing and bragging on Facebook about being one of the first owners of UVMask: 

Stay safe!


UVMask Team

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See the Tech, Meet the Team (and our 3,000+ strong community!) 🎉
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 07:37:18 AM


Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Our community is now 3,000+ strong! So many new faces joining all of us in making breathing clean air possible! Thanks again for being awesome and for helping us cross the ½-million dollar mark!

We talked a lot about UVMask and its interior and exterior components, ergonomic design, materials, and usability. Today we want to dive deep into the technology and what’s inside the mask.

Science of UVMask

The core science of UVMask is based on the germicidal capabilities of UV-C light.

Contrary to common misconception, UV-C light does not always ‘kill’ viruses and other types of pathogens.

Instead, it inactivates the microbes by attacking their genetic codes (artificially causing significant errors), making them unable to reproduce, negatively affect or transmit to others. They, therefore, lose the ability to cause disease.

The core value to determine whether or not a UV sterilization unit is effective is the D90 value, the UV light dosage that can inactivate at least 90% of the pathogen population.

We can calculate this quite simply:

UV Dose (mJ/cm²) = UV Intensity (μW/cm²) x Exposure Time (seconds)

As you can see, there are two key factors that determine whether the UV Dose is sufficient to inactivate more than 90% of the microbial population. The intensity of the UV light the pathogen is submitted to, and how long it remains under that light.

The higher the intensity of the UV-C light, the less time it takes.

Technology of UVmask

In UVMask’s design, it is precisely this ultra-high intensity UV-C LED that allows us to inactivate microbes at lightning speed. The proprietary light developed specifically for UM’s use is one of the most technologically advanced LEDs on the market.

This is a live video demonstration taking you inside your UVMask’s mechanics. See how the powerful UV-C LEDs inside the Sterile-Vortex work, confirm their intensity and discover how it all comes together:

As you can see, each of our UV-C LEDs’ intensity is over 25mW/cm² (or 25,000μW/cm²) , bringing the total intensity to over 50mW/cm².

The latest research indicates that the D90 of coronavirus is between 21-58J/m² or 2.1-5.8mJ/cm².

If we plug this into our earlier formula and rearrange:

2.1 - 5.8 mJ/cm² (UV Dose Required) = 50 x Exposure Time (seconds)

Exposure Time = 0.042 - 0.116 seconds

So to achieve coronavirus’s D90, the air we breathe in and out only needs to be exposed in our Sterile-Vortex from 0.042 to 0.116 seconds. This is much less than the actual time the airflow stays in our unique spiral-shaped vortex (0.13-0.2 seconds), hence achieving a reliable and effective inactivation of the viruses.

If we go with the average breath volume of 500ml, and a typical adult breathing rate of 12-18 times per minute, the typical UV Dose received by all air you breathe using the UVMask is:

UV Dose = 50mW/cm²  x 0.13-0.2s

UV Dose = 6.5-10 mJ/cm²    (1mJ = 1mW x 1s)

Meet The Team

The creation of UVMask wouldn’t be possible without this professional team, responsible for the R&D, technology, design, marketing, and communication.

We are UM Systems, a subsidiary of Measure Inc., based in Brighton, Colorado. However due to the current work-from-home situation, we realized it would be best to take up some precautionary measures and temporarily close down the Brighton office. Some of us relocated temporarily to Alpharetta, GA, while a lot of our distributed remote team members continue working from home.

We also continue to run a large scale of our global operations in Zhuhai, China. This way we employ our manufacturing team directly, and minimize quality issues that come from outsourcing production.

About Measure Inc… 🏢

As a culturally diverse company with a global footprint, Measure Inc has been producing high-quality consumer and industrial grade laser optical instruments since 2016. We have two main brands under Measure Inc — μMeasure and UM Systems.

μMeasure focuses on high precision laser measuring instruments and measuring gadgets. It provides products and customized services for customers in over 100 countries and regions around the world, from its Hong Kong and Zhuhai manufacturing facilities.

At present, its products are mainly in three categories: laser distance meters, laser levels, and laser distance sensors. For more details about μMeasure, see the patented and ISO standard technology of the company, you can refer to its official webpage:

UM Systems focuses on UV light applications in health and safety. For years, our team at UM Systems has been working closely with our Hong Kong and Zhuhai teams, in R&D and production, leveraging the best of our global engineers and researchers.

Welcome to Our High TECH Factory 🏭

Our factory is located in the heart of Zhuhai, an epicenter for technological advancement and only two hours’ drive from Shenzhen. Our core aim is to accelerate the development of high-quality gadgets and tools for everyday usage.

If you are ever in Zhuhai, visit our factory! We’d love to give our backer community a personalized tour! 😉

The People Behind UM Systems 🤝

UM Systems and its flagship product UVMask all started with our CEO Boz Zou and CTO Patrick Xiang, the driving force behind our big, diverse and multicultural team.

Meet Our CEO - Boz Zou

Boz is the global CEO of Measure Inc, overseeing the operations of both μMeasure and UM Systems.

Boz plays an active role in leading Canadian innovation. And as a Canadian entrepreneur and inventor, born to a family of medical doctors, he holds degrees in physics/optical science and interaction design. Applying science in the business world has always been Boz’s primary focus.

After successfully launching a couple of businesses in the past, Boz’s current mandate is to bring UM Systems and its UVMask to mass market in the hope of revolutionizing the way we prevent airborne disease transmission.

Boz with former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Boz with Toronto Mayor John Tory

Meet Our CTO - Patrick Xiang

Patrick graduated as an electronic and mechanical engineer. After working for Panasonics as a senior engineer for over a decade, he founded his first company in 2007. In 2009 Patrick led a team to develop some of the most advanced solar power technologies at that time.

In 2016, Patrick co-founded Measure Inc, developing high precision laser products for industrial and consumer markets. His latest patented invention led to the creation of UVMask.

Patrick at our FFP2 filters/masks production facilities

Patrick working on Preliminary testing UV-C LED Germicidal Efficacy on E-Coli.

Patrick testing the circuit board

Bringing UVMask to Life

UVMask is the result of two years of R&D.

The design was developed as a joint effort between our team in Colorado. And the core technology of the high-intensity UV-C LED was developed by Measure Inc engineers in cooperation with our Japanese UV LED manufacturing partners.

The current UV LEDs we are using are proprietary to UM Systems. Best in class in the industry, they are 10x - 50x times higher energy than similar UV LED components on the market. This is what makes UVMask’s sterilization capabilities possible at this compact scale.

The Sterile-Vortex will be manufactured in Japan with our high precision UV LED partners. We are still deciding on the injection molding and packaging production, depending on the best quality and efficiency.

Based on our rich experience in hi-tech instruments and the mass production experience we have at μMeasure, we are in the best position to bring UVMask to life at the game-changing speed society requires.

And we are glad to do it together with your support.

Stretch Goals Next Steps

So far we have received over 1,000 responses to our Stretch Goal ideas from the last update. (See it here)

If you haven’t already, cast your vote and help us select which ones to offer!

Check the projects we like:

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100% FUNDED - $20,000 Goal Reached in Less Than 90 Mins 🎉🎉🎉
almost 4 years ago – Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 10:07:23 PM

Hey Backers!  

How’s your day going?  Ours is getting more and more exciting! 

And all because of you. Yes, You all!

With your help, we hit our funding goal in LESS THAN 90 mins after launch! 

We currently stand at almost $30,000 with the support of 180+ awesome backers from around the world!

We can’t thank you enough for all the trust and faith you’ve put in us and in UVMask.

Now it’s our turn to exceed your expectations and develop your UVMask — the next-generation reusable mask with the most powerful UV-C sterilization technology on the market.

We will continue updating the information on the campaign page to provide more details on UVMask.

As a reminder, you can currently add 3 add-ons to your pledge: 

1. Hard Carrying Case

See the case gallery here. The hard carrying case securely stores your mask while not in use. Add +$15 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional carrying case.

 2. Front Shell Swap 

The front shells are easily interchangeable and you can instantly change the color from black to white or vice versa. Add $15 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional Front Shell.

 3. Replacement Filters 

Get 10 extra easy-replacement CE-FFP2 filters, offering up to 500 hours of additional filtration protection. Add $12 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional set of 10 filters.

Just follow these steps:
1. Click on “Manage your pledge”.
2. Add the corresponding amount of the add-on to the total of “Your current pledge”.
3. Confirm your new total and keep the same reward option.

Example: if your current pledge is $89 for 1 UVMask and you want 10x additional filter pads, add $12 to your current $89 pledge, for a total of $101. 

If you want 10x additional filters, 1x carrying case, and 1x hard shell, the total would be $89+$12+$15+$15 = $131 (These amounts will vary depending on your original pledge and desired add-ons.)

Meanwhile, keep on sharing and bragging about being one of the first owners of UVMask:

Enjoy your day!


UVMask team